Finishing a novel is always a great feeling (followed, inevitably, by a sense of loss), but yesterday was particularly special for me. In completing THE BLOODFORGED, Book 2 of the BLOODBOUND series, I managed to finish off what was for me a complex, ambitious narrative that had a lot of opportunities to go wrong. The book intimidated me a little at the beginning, but luckily, the characters got me through it. If your characters are developed enough, their reactions and dialogue become so organic that you don’t even have to think about how they’ll respond to a particular set of circumstances (except when they surprise you, but that’s a subject for an entire blog post).

I’ve left our heroes painted pretty solidly in a corner, but that’s Book 2 for you. Remember how the Empire Strikes Back felt? I sort of think of that as the ultimate Book 2 vibe. Darker, more complex, and leaving our heroes in a perilous place. I promise, however, that there will be no ewoks in Book 3.

Anyway, I’ve taken the day off to nurse a champagne hangover (a very small one, mind) and start in on some publicity work for THE BLOODBOUND. Stay tuned for information on guest posts and interviews!