Debut Review

The first official review of THE BLOODBOUND comes from Staffer’s Book Review, and I’m quite happy with it. It’s always nice when someone enjoys your work, but I’m especially pleased with the overall message being conveyed by this review.


Well, if you saw my earlier post about my anxieties for this book, you’ll know that I was keenly aware of the potential pitfalls of deliberately setting out to do something simple. I likened it to those cringe-inducing moments on Top Chef when the judges lay into a contestant (I refuse to say Chef-testent, ever) because his caprese salad failed to impress. It’s only tomatoes, cheese, basil, and vinegar. You’ve got to nail it. It’s got to be absolutely perfect.

As I said in that post, I wasn’t looking to reinvent the wheel with THE BLOODBOUND; I just wanted to tell a good story very well. So when Staffer’s Book Review calls it a “strong novel” with “simple but elegant storytelling”, that’s exactly what I want to hear.

In other news, I have a sudden hankering for caprese salad…