Enter 2015

And so we bid farewell to 2014, a very interesting year for me. It opened with publicity around Darkwalker, a quirky tale that struggled to get attention from a saturated market. It closed with publicity around The Bloodbound, another crossover story whose commercial fate is not yet clear. In between, I wrote two novels, Master of Plagues and The Bloodforged.

In some ways it was an incredibly satisfying twelve months. After long years of work, I finally got to see my name in print. I could walk into the Barnes and Noble in Union Square in New York City and be confident of finding a copy of Darkwalker, and later, The Bloodbound. It’s an incredible feeling. The Bloodbound was named a Best of 2014 by the Book Pushers and the Bibliosanctum, and was picked up by German publisher Bastei Lubbe.

In other ways, it was a very stressful year. Cranking out two books while working a full-time job (and living in a very stressful place) was always going to be difficult. But I greatly underestimated the challenges associated with publishing and selling novels. When you’re just starting out as a writer, you tend to think of the writing itself as the hard part. It’s not. It’s SO not. Once you figure this out, you imagine that getting the agent, selling the book, is the real obstacle. And it is tough, no question, but it’s not the last peak you will climb. Indeed, I’m coming to realise that however many peaks you climb, there will always be more ahead of you. Not necessarily higher, but just as grueling in their way.

So I begin 2015 with the first New Year’s resolution I’ve had in years: to worry less. To stop obsessing over sales and publicity and reviews. To write, and love writing, and let that be enough.

Easier said than done, of course, but just setting that goal is a step forward. And if I remind myself of it often enough, I just might get there.